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"I needed to find 'me' again-- you know, the girl who had dreams besides 'caregiver'..."

The Mother Ship is here to help you find you again! Welcome aboard!


Here to help you!

At The Mother Ship, our goal is to meet your needs as a caregiver! Check out our current programs and events below.


Let's face it, special needs parents and caregivers are asked to give all year round. They give what little they may have to meet the needs of their children and they give until they sometimes have nothing left for themselves. 


Too many times, caregivers forego any sort of self-care. And we all know you can't pour from an empty cup. The Mother Ship wants to change that by showing that caregivers, too, are cared about and worthy of the care they need. With donations from the general public, we can:

  • Provide "date night" or "friends night out" to those exhausted special needs caregivers who rarely take time for their own personal relationships. 

  • Fund house cleanings and other home support services

  • Gift the caregiver with something for them-- to encourage, empower, and thank them for the gifts they have already given to others. Maybe it's the class they always meant to take, the gym membership they need to help them be more energized to meet their daily tasks, or the warm bathrobe and spa certificate that will just make them feel human and cared for again. It could be something else altogether that only they can tell us about. 

Special needs caregivers-- whether female, male, parent or legal guardian-- can qualify for a gift from The Mother Ship. 

Please note: The Mother Ship does not provide charitable assistance of a general nature (i.e. payment of bills, rent, mortgage, utilities, etc). Requests must be specifically related to the caregiver empowerment and support. ​

Check out our programs to find out more. 

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