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We get it!

A Mother Ship Landing is a larger event, open to all parents of special needs children. Landings take all sorts of formats, but we typically have a guest speaker in an area of interest to our group, giveaways, discussion time, eats, treats and fun! In other words, time to get out, feel "normal" for a bit, and not feel guilty about taking the time for yourself, because you learned something. napped in the back row. Whatever! The Mother Ship gets it. We'll even bring you a blanket and pillow.


Take note, because this next part is important. Our events and programs target YOUR needs-- the special needs parent or caregiver-- not special needs children. Many resources exist to help children with special needs-- even though we all agree there are not enough, there are certainly more than for the needs of parents. Our meetings and events are focused and tailored for YOU! The Mother Ship was founded because we found very little help out there for the people reading this.


Topics planned for future events include shopping and savings strategies, mental health and the grief process, home organization and management, getting back into the workforce, weight loss and fitness, creative outlets, marriage and relationships, and goal development. 

Have an idea or a need for a specific topic? Drop us a line and share your thoughts! 

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